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We equip youth with entrepreneurial tools & resources and encourage sharing of ideas and knowledge

Youth Entrepreneurs’ Network is a social networking site aimed at providing young aspiring entrepreneurs across the globe a common platform to discuss the feasibility of their prospective start-ups and develop their entrepreneurial ideas, eventually leading to the launch of a business in real time.

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We provide the following facilities to all!

  1. View startup ideas that match your interest – Ideate to collaborate
  2. Be up to date with upcoming business conferences and events in your area
  3. Watch free video content of CEOs and experienced professors answering startup related questions for aspiring entrepreneurs
  4. Update yourself with trending business news in the world

Our users get extra benefits!

  1. Safeguard your idea by uploading on YENet : Free certificate issued!
  2. Find HR, lawyers, marketing consultants, and more for your startup
  3. Seek evaluation and funding from VCs, startup accelerators, professors, and CEOs
  4. Store your idea on the cloud to later share it with non users on a one time view basis with automatic prezi style pitch deck conversion



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